The Importance of Language (and Using All of It)


In Episode 6, host Trevor Currie and producer Karen Ward talk about the importance of language and why developing a great vocabulary and using it well will improve your effectiveness and credibility as a speaker.

Listening Notes:

1:00Karen talks about how her passion for language doesn't always translate to its use when she's presenting.
3:15Trevor explains why many of us tend to default to the same set of words and expressions in our communication.
5:15Trevor and Karen discuss why it's important to expand our vocabulary and to use all of the language we have at our disposal. And why it can be hard to do so.
7:00Karen and Trevor talk about the vocabulary contraction that can take place when an individual or group acquires a level of deep expertise in a domain and why expertise can lead to lazy language habits.
9:21Trevor suggests that we watch any tendency we might have to use big, fancy words in an attempt to impress or sound smart.
11:30Trevor offers a variety of vocabulary building tips.
16:12Trevor shares a number of ways we can practice using new vocabulary before it might be needed in a big presentation.
17:30Trevor makes some final suggestions about how best to unleash your new and improved vocabulary.
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