Why Speaking Matters


In this introductory episode, host Trevor Currie and producer Karen Ward discuss the importance of speaking as a "signal skill" and what you can start (and stop) doing right now to improve your impact as a public speaker.

Listening Notes:

1:20Trevor talks about the goals he set for 2015 that led to The Podium Project podcast.
3:23Karen asks Trevor why speaking matters and Trevor discusses the importance of speaking as a “signal skill” and why it’s accessible to everyone.
5:25Trevor talks about the various applications of persuasive communication in both personal and professional contexts.
6:40Trevor outlines the different types of client he works with and the common challenge they share—their expertise.
8:33Trevor talks about the limitations of public speaking as a medium and how presentation performance always improves when a speaker focuses on sharing a few keys points, well illustrated, instead of trying to be comprehensive.
10:00Karen asks Trevor to share a couple of great presentation tips for the audience to act on right away and they are: (1) content is king and (2) less is more.
12:40Trevor talks about author Dan Pink’s TED Talk about motivation as a great example of providing an audience with a few key, well illustrated points, not all of the insights from his book Drive.
14:18Trevor explains why it’s often counterintuitive for professionals to be less comprehensive when they present and why it’s so critical that they are focused and selective when they share their knowledge.

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