Connecting with Senior Audiences

In Episode 10, host Trevor Currie and producer Karen Ward discuss the best way to talk to and connect with senior audiences - as in executives not citizens!

Listening Notes:

0:42Trevor asks Karen about her experience meeting with and speaking to senior audiences. Karen talks about the importance of brevity and freshness.
1:58Trevor talks about the importance of sharing your recommendations or most important points first when speaking to executives. Don’t make them wait for the most salient content.
2:46Karen shares a few suggestions for connecting with senior executives and how you might communicate ideas in a fresh way.
7:02Trevor talks about why we often feel trepidation when we sit down with an executive or present to a senior audience.
8:10Trevor offers some suggestions for how best to connect with and present to senior executives.
10:29Karen asks Trevor what we should never do when presenting to senior audiences.
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