The Power of Pace


In Episode 3, host Trevor Currie and producer Karen Ward discuss the importance of pace and how to use pace effectively to make your point and keep your audience engaged.

Listening Notes:

0:43Trevor and Karen play with pace as they introduce the topic of pace.
2:00Trevor explains what pace is and how it can help us or hold us back when we want to speak effectively.
3:39Karen asks if there is such a thing as “perfect pace”.
6:23Trevor discusses why it’s important to keep your exploration of pace authentic to you as a speaker and relevant to the content you are sharing.
7:59Trevor suggests experimenting with pace when the stakes are low.
8:51Trevor recommends watching Candy Chang’s TED Talk about her “Before I Die” project to experience how a slower pace can help to communicate emotion. And Tony Robbins is a great example of how infectious and invigorating someone can be when he speeds up the pace of his delivery.
11:04Karen asks about the common mistakes people make when they are trying to get pace right. (The number one mistake: they don’t try at all!)
12:50Trevor provides some final tips about how to effectively push and pull the levers of pace in your next presentation.
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