How to Rehearse (and Why You Must)


In Episode 5, host Trevor Currie and producer Karen Ward discuss the importance of rehearsal and how to rehearse in ways that are efficient and effective.

Listening Notes:

0:41Trevor asks Karen about her rehearsal habits and Karen makes a confession.
2:10Trevor shares the many, often funny, lies people tell themselves about rehearsing.
2:40Karen and Trevor discuss why people hate rehearsing so much - and why it's so important.
3:45Trevor explains why time spent rehearsing always produces a better return on investment than polishing up your slides for the 12th time.
5:12Trevor provides some great rehearsal tips to help ensure the best possible presentation.
8:51Karen asks what a speaker is to do when time actually is an issue, when there is very limited time to rehearse.
9:46Trevor shares his own presentation rehearsal habits.
10:34Karen asks how and why rehearsing can help managing the pre-presentation jitters.
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