Ron Tite


In Episode 4, host Trevor Currie and special guest Ron Tite, Founder and CEO of The Tite Group, have a wide ranging conversation about stand up comedy, professional speaking, creativity, the importance of preparation and rehearsal and how to connect with your audience to leave a lasting impression.

Listening Notes:

1:32Ron talks about his work at The Tite Group and his speaking, producing and writing projects.
2:55Trevor asks Ron about the common creativity thread that is present in his various projects and Ron shares why he thinks creativity is important for everyone.
4:35Ron talks about the connection between comedy and business.
5:45Trevor and Ron discuss the importance of differentiation and why it's critical to develop your own authentic voice and point of view.
7:18Ron offers a variety of helpful tips about how to connect with an audience so your content and ideas breakthrough.
12:55Trevor and Ron talk about the importance of "referencing back" and why really being present to—and using—what's happening in the room is so critical to building trust.
16:33Ron discusses how to effectively add humour or a sense of levity to your next presentation (and why it's not always necessary).
18:58Trevor and Ron discuss the importance of aligning your body language and gestures and with intent of your content. And why imperfection can actually support the quality of your delivery.
22:28Trevor asks Ron what a "beat" is and why paying attention to timing and tone is so important in the context of both comedy and speaking.
27:34Ron and Trevor talk about why storytelling is critical to effective communication.
35:29Ron shares his process for developing, rehearsing and delivering new presentation content.
44:20Trevor and Ron talk about why giving up the need to be comprehensive (and perfect) will contribute to your ability to be clear and compelling.
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