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In Episode 8, host Trevor Currie and guest Bruce Sellery have a wide-ranging conversation about the power of brevity in communication, the importance of preparation when you’re interviewing a guest or speaking and how to effectively engage an audience when your content is a bit dry or abstract.

Bruce is a personal finance expert, business journalist and best-selling author of Moolala: Why Smart People Do Dumb Things With Their Money and The Moolala Guide to Rockin' Your RRSP. He appears frequently on TV to talk about personal finance, he writes regular columns for MoneySense, Chatelaine and Today’s Parent and he’s a sought-after professional speaker. 

Listening Notes:

2:17Bruce and Trevor discuss Bruce’s experience working at P&G early in his career and how it shaped his approach to communication.
5:06Bruce talks about the magic of a Post-it Note when you’re developing (and working to simplify) your message.
6:16Bruce outlines the steps he took to make the move from consumer packaged goods marketing to business journalism, including important conversations with two of Canada’s most prominent journalists and a powerful insight from a book.
10:46Bruce talks about the lessons he learned—including the importance of preparation—from interviewing business leaders like Martha Stewart.
17:22Bruce shares the process he uses to prep for an interview with a guest on a TV show or a panel at a conference.
19:10Bruce shares for his tips on how to build rapport with senior business leaders before and during an interview or conversation.
21:28Trevor asks Bruce for advice on how to prepare for a TV appearance or panel interview at a conference when you’re the guest.
26:08Bruce provides some additional tips on how to put your best foot forward when shooting business videos.
27:53Trevor asks Bruce how he engages audiences in topics that are dry, abstract and a bit inaccessible.
31:10Bruce talks about his experience as a young speaker and the skills he’s developed over the years to build his confidence and capability as a professional speaker.
39:11Trevor and Bruce talk about the importance of storytelling in compelling communication and how to tell a great story when you’re at the front of the room.
48:54Bruce shares his thoughts on speaking and authenticity.

You can learn more about Bruce and his work on Twitter @brucesellery and at his website at

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