John Warrillow


In Episode 7, host Trevor Currie and guest John Warrillow talk about the allure and adventure of entrepreneurship, the importance of curiosity and asking great questions and how to use stories, personalization and spontaneity to engage an audience.

Listening Notes:

1:52John talks about his early interest in entrepreneurship and why he wanted to build and run his own business.
5:00John describes how his interest in and insight about entrepreneurs led him to work with larger corporations and help them market more effectively to small business owners.
6:10Trevor asks John about the key, common threads that have woven through his professional life.
8:10Trevor and John discuss curiosity, great questions and deep listening as key communication behaviours.
10:17John offers some tips on how to engage and connect with people when you're speaking with or interviewing them.
14:31John talks about the importance of staying tuned into what a person is actually saying—versus thinking about your next response—if you want to be a great listener.
17:55Trevor and John talk about why it's challenging to keep a remote audience (on webinars and conference calls) engaged and how to do it more effectively.
21:10Trevor and John discuss The Warrillow Summit, John's contribution as a speaker and what's important when curating a group of speakers for an event.
25:03John offers some tips on how moderators can get the most out of panelists.
28:31John talks about what he does to prepare and boost his confidence prior to an important speaking engagement.
31:10John shares a disappointing experience he had at a Van Halen concert many (many) years ago that, for him, really underscored the importance of customization and spontaneity during a presentation.
34:30Trevor and John talk about the power of parables, stories and examples when communicating and connecting with an audience.
39:45John shares his experience and advice about how to change to a new business model successfully.
45:32John talks about his current business and the process he uses to help small business owners increase the value of their companies.
39:45John shares the experiences that have influenced his life and work the most.

    You can find John at and on Twitter at @johnwarrillow.

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